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Opensource ICT Solutions proudly provides Zabbix training and consultancy. Based in The Netherlands, we’ve been working worldwide. Fully certified by the developers of Zabbix, we’re authorized to provide official Zabbix trainings. These are provided directly by Opensource ICT Solutions – although we do work for Zabbix as well!

For the last 5 years, multiple Fortune 500 companies worldwide have used our knowledge and experience to get their system administrators certified, their existing Zabbix server(s) optimized for performance and high-availability and setup.

Public trainings are given on a regular basis in The Netherlands, whilst in-company training and (remote) consultancy is provided worldwide, depending on what your needs are!

Feel free to contact us, we’re available on (usually) a short notice and will work something out that works for you!

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Zabbix Certified Specialist

This 3 day training ensures easy understanding of Zabbix concepts and structure for the information technology professionals, who need to run Zabbix efficiently and provide support to other Zabbix users.


Zabbix Certified Professional

The Zabbix Certified Professional course provides information technology professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to configure and use Zabbix proxy and distributed monitoring for your network and application monitoring needs, as well as discusses advanced Zabbix topics.


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Frequently asked Questions

New courses on Zabbix 4.0?2018-10-10T17:57:30+00:00

At the release of Zabbix 4.0, new courses are announced.
Please take a look at our Course track overview page to see which are available!

Is the training regarding Zabbix 3.0 of the new 4.0?2018-10-09T16:34:04+00:00

Since Zabbix 4.0 is released on the 2nd of october 2018, our trainings are given on this new LTS version.

Is there an exam?2018-04-29T14:20:03+00:00

Yes the training conclude with an exam on wednesday afternoon (Specialist) and friday afternoon (Professional).


Do I receive a certificate?2018-04-29T14:18:35+00:00

Yes! You will receive a certificate of attendance if you attended the course.

If you passed the exam, you will also receive a certificate as well

Who is the trainer?2018-05-23T13:28:06+00:00

Brian van Baekel started his IT career in 2014, working as network engineer, building, supporting and implementing both small and large network environments for various types of business. In meanwhile he acquired several Cisco, Juniper and Extreme Networks certifications.

Since 2014 he worked with Zabbix, starting at version 1.8, building small/medium environments. At the start of 2017 he acquired his Zabbix Specialist and Professional certifications, and a few months later attended the Zabbix Certified Trainer course in Riga.

Can I start with the Professional course?2018-04-29T14:11:11+00:00

You can of course start with attending the Professional course, but please note that in order to take the Professional exam you need to be certified Specialist!

What are the prerequisites?2018-04-29T14:13:03+00:00

You need to bring your laptop with you. All the rest you will get during the training. If by any reason you are not able to bring a laptop to a training, please inform us upon registering for a training.

It certainly helps if you know a bit of Linux and VI(M), and seen Zabbix before, but no worries if you are completely new!

Where are the trainings given?2018-04-29T14:15:05+00:00

Please check at the training page to see the city where the specific training will be given. Detailed address locations will be provided after registration.

Is there no training near your location? Do not hesitate to contact us to see what’s possible!

How much do the trainings cost?2018-04-29T14:16:07+00:00

Please check at the training page to see the price of that training, since there are discounts for certain courses

Which training should I choose?2018-05-07T18:24:14+00:00

If you’re new to Zabbix, the “Zabbix Certified Specialist Course” is the recommended training. Depending on your goals, the “Zabbix Certified Professional Course” is the next course to follow.