Zabbix Specialist course

This 3 day Zabbix Specialist training ensures easy understanding of Zabbix concepts and structure for the information technology professionals, who need to run Zabbix efficiently and provide support to other Zabbix users.

The  training  programs  are  intended  for  IT  administrators  and  auditors,   system  integrators,  and  other  personnel  that  deals  with  IT  infrastructure   monitoring.  No  prior  knowledge  of  Zabbix  Software  is  required,  but   all  trainees  should  have  advanced  computer  literacy  and  knowledge   of  Linux  OS.

Even  administrators  with  several  years  of  experience  in   Zabbix  software  find  attending  these  trainings  beneficial,  as  they  are   still  missing  out  on  some  great  features  and  best  practices  that  came   along  just  recently.

Quality  of  provided  services  is  crucial  to  Zabbix.  We  work  individually   with  each  trainee  to  ensure  that  after  completing  the  training  even  a   beginner  will  be  fully  qualified  to  manage  Zabbix  software  efficiently.   The  knowledge  obtained  during  the  training  will  never  become  irrelevant   to  any  Zabbix  version.

The course will include a official Zabbix exam to obtain the “Zabbix Certified Specialist” certificate.

We provide hosted trainings on scheduled dates but also on-company training. If you are interested in an in-company training, please contact us

Day 1

  • History of Zabbix
  • Zabbix architecture and functionality
  • Server, WEB interface and agent installation
  • Initial Zabbix configuration
  • Zabbix definitions
  • Zabbix WEB interface overview
  • Data collection – hosts, Zabbix agent checks
  • Data visualization – simple graphs, overview
  • Problem detection – triggers, less sensitive triggers, dependencies
  • Q/A session

Day 2

  • Configuration management by using templates
  • Agent-less monitoring
  • Data collection – aggregate and calculated checks, SNMP monitoring, log file monitoring
  • Inventory auto-collection
  • Data visualization – custom graphs, network maps, screens, slide shows
  • Events
  • Notifications and escalations – media types, actions, operations, use of macros
  • Automatic recovery by using remote commands
  • Host and host group level maintenance
  • Zabbix Administration – working time, housekeeper, authentication, front-end scripts
  • Managing permissions – users and user groups, audit
  • Q/A

Day 3

  • Automatic discovery – network discovery, active agent auto-registration
  • Low level discovery overview
  • Web monitoring
  • Command line utilities: zabbix_get, zabbix_sender
  • Business level monitoring – IT Services, SLA, reports
  • XML Import/Export
  • Proxy overview
  • Backup procedures
  • Maintenance and operations – best practices, DB sizing, upgrades
  • Development and release policy
  • Certification (Exam)
  • Q/A