Zabbix Expert course

The Zabbix Certified Expert course provides information technology experts with the knowledge and skills necessary to use Zabbix in a highly efficient and loaded environment.

The  training  programs  are  intended  for  IT  administrators and architects that are working in huge environment where you are dealing with HA and redundant setups on a daily basis combined with management using the API and scripting

Are you the administrator or architect who needs to manage a highly loaded or scaled environment, and willing to do so with enough knowledge to feel comfortable in that role ?

We now have the Zabbix Certified Expert course, exactly for the IT administrators and architects that are assigned to that task! This course is a three day course that will give you all knowledge needed.

Before attending the Expert course, it is mandatory to attended (and passed!) Zabbix Certified Professional course and taking some time to get familiar/ comfortable.

The course will include a official Zabbix exam to obtain the “Zabbix Certified Expert” certificate. The exam for this training is not only written, but also practical!

We provide hosted trainings on scheduled dates but also on-company training. If you are interested in an in-company training, please contact us

Covered topics

Day 1

  • Installation: Zabbix from sources
  • Administration: Create SELinux policies for Zabbix
  • Administration: Secure Zabbix Frontend with SSL
  • Data collection: Set-up SNMP traps
  • Data collection: IPMI
  • Data collection: Extending Zabbix by using Loadable modules
  • Configuration: Trigger-based event correlation
  • Configuration: Global event correlation
  • Administration: AD integration

Day 2

  • Zabbix API: Automation
  • Zabbix API: Reporting
  • Zabbix API: Integration
  • Zabbix API: New features
  • High-performance storage engines
  • Administration: Front-end customization
  • Administration: Configuration parameters of Zabbix daemons, protocols

Day 3

  • Administration: Zabbix server processes
  • Installation: High availability and redundancy
  • Zabbix troubleshooting
  • Certification (Exam)