Zabbix User course

The Zabbix Certified User course provides information technology users with the knowledge and skills necessary to use Zabbix for looking at data on a daily basis.

The  training  programs  are  intended  for  IT  administrators , managers  and  other  personnel  that  deals  with  IT  infrastructure   monitoring.  No  prior  knowledge  of  Zabbix  Software  is  required.

Have you ever wondered how to get all data that was retrieved by Zabbix on your screen easily? Did you ever struggle to see quickly where problems started, or which piece of the IT infrastructure should get a bit more attention, while you are not the IT Administrator responsible for the day-to-day management?

We now have the Zabbix Certified User course, exactly for the IT administrators and managers that do not configure systems, but need to be able to work with the monitoring solution. This course is a one day course that will give you all knowledge needed.

Although it is not required, it is highly recommended to take the Zabbix Certified User course (or if you are brave enough just the exam) before attending the Zabbix Certified Specialist course!

The course will include a official Zabbix exam to obtain the “Zabbix Certified User” certificate.

We provide hosted trainings on scheduled dates but also on-company training. If you are interested in an in-company training, please contact us

Covered topics

  • Zabbix definitions
  • Zabbix user interface – Monitoring
  • Zabbix user interface – Inventory
  • Zabbix user interface – Reports
  • Data visualisation – Latest data
  • Data visualisation – Graphs
  • Data visualisation – Web monitoring
  • Data visualisation – Problems
  • Data visualisation – Screens and Slideshows
  • Data visualisation – Dashboard and Widgets
  • Data visualisation – Services
  • Notifications – Overview
  • Notifications – Escalations
  • Notifications – Proactive monitoring
  • Notifications – Acknowledgement
  • Notifications – Maintenance
  • Q & A
  • Exam